Bulk Trade Execution

We have access to large order flow, from international and local corporate clients, which enable us to provide clients with significant liquidity at the best prices on large derivative structures.

Online trading software

Online trading software for clients who prefer to execute online.

Derivative Structuring

One of our key areas of expertise, that distinguishes us from other JSE brokers, is our knowledge and skill to develop and manage complex derivative structures for our clients.

Risk Management

We believe that risk management is a crucial part of managing a derivative structure, be that for hedging or speculative purposes. We therefore provide clients with free risk analyses of their positions through the use of our risk management software.

Market Analysis

We provide technical and fundamental analysis on markets to our clients. We have highly experienced traders with specialized knowledge of the grains, equity and currency markets.
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Alternatively, contact us at info@bsec.co.za or 021 976 7172 / 083 235 3050.


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